Silesian Competence Centre of Industry 4.0



Silesian Competence Centre of Industry 4.0 (SCCI 4.0) was established as a joint venture of Silesian University of Technology (SUT) and Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSEZ). The consortium agreement was signed on February 21st 2018 in the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

KSEZ is the Operational Leader of the Consortium and is also responsible for collaboration with industry

SUT is the Scientific Leader responsible for identifying and promoting the technological solutions related to Industry 4.0, designing and implementing support services

Silesian Competence Centre of Industry 4.0


We will guide you through the digital transformation process. You will:

  • Become more aware of benefits and threats of digitization
  • Better plan and go through the digital transformation
  • Efficiently engage your staff in digital transformation
  • Establish more dynamic company (flexible, aware, quickly reacting to changes)


We collaborate with technology 4.0 suppliers and support digital transformation in industrial companies.

Our support will help you:

  • Productivity of automated tasks previously performed by people
  • Accuracy of projected supply demand
  • Customized manufacturing
  • Efficiency
  • Duration of downtime due to breakdowns
  • Maintenance costs
  • Quality assurance costs
  • Time-to-market
  • Production costs

Our activities are aligned with:

  • the European policy regarding digital transformation of industry and reindustrialization of European economy
  • national smart specializations:
    • Sensors and smart sensor networks
    • Smart networks and geoinformation technologies
    • Automation and robotics of technological processes
  • regional specialization of Silesia ”Information and Communication Technologies”

Our policy is also closely aligned with:

  • the Strategy for Responsible Development (so-called “Morawiecki Plan”)
  • the Silesian policy of economic development, which emphasizes the substantial role of Industry 4.0 in the successful global economy integration

Our assignments

Creating digital awareness in the companies

  • Conferences, trainings, workshops, business meetings
  • Publishing and releasing the information materials in various media feeds
  • Industry 4.0 case studies
  • Educating about disruptive technologies and emerging trends


  • Conferences
  • Thematic meetings
  • Brokerage (technology supplier – customer)
  • Formal and informal contacts animation

Giving access to demonstrative laboratories

  • Laboratories and experts
  • Industry 4.0 demo-lab

Auditing and consultancy

  • Digital maturity assessment – basic audit
  • Detailed examination of the whole organization – in-depth audit
  • Feasibility study and implementation recommendations – in-depth audit

Customer support

  • Disseminate information on Industry 4.0 projects
  • Initiating knowledge sharing among companies with digital transformation on-board
  • Animating formal and informal contacts between technology providers and customers




Anna Timofiejczuk, PhD. Eng.–

President of SCCI 4.0


Jarosław Brodny, PhD. Eng. –

Vice-President of SCCI


Aleksandra Zajusz-Wayda –

Vice-President of SCCI

Our Team


Aleksanda Zajusz – Wayda

Project Manager


Ewa Dudzic

Project assistant



Prof. Arkadiusz Mężyk,

PhD. Eng.


Wojciech Sitek, PhD. Eng.,

associate professor


Małgorzata Dobrowolska, PhD.,

associate professor


Janusz Michałek, PhD.


Jacek Bialik


Mirosław Pachucki


Łukasz Górecki

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